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Thursday, 15 October 2015 02:13

Crazy Coin: snatch gold from crazy birds

Ever thought about collecting money falling down the sky?! Drive yourself crazy as you are collecting gold coins and precious diamonds falling down the sky! 

Delete all contacts right on your iPhone with just one touch!

Thursday, 15 October 2015 01:50

Beer Roulette - The Drinking Game

The famous Beer Roulette drinking game is now on iPhone. Shake up your beer and see who gets to enjoy the beer and who gets sprayed!

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  • 茶叶入膳好味道!
    茶叶入膳好味道! 茶叶不仅沏茶可用,茶水参与饮食也是不错的选择。茶叶入膳,用茶来料理美食,取茶叶的清香,使茶与食物完美结合,为菜肴锦上添花,成为茶香满溢的茶膳。以茶为膳,好茶好膳,所以说用茶是妙品,茶膳为上品!