Chinese and English Vocabulary: audio and pictorial flashcards for kids

Thursday, 15 October 2015 05:29

Chinese and English Vocabulary: audio and pictorial flashcards for kids

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Learn Chinese for Kids: Everyday Objects Slideshow is a powerful tool to learn Chinese and English in a natural and fun way for kids 1~5, the best age to develop language skills.

It is designed in a way to help young kids develop bilingual skills. Simply touch the icons, your child will be immersed into a flashcards world with beautiful real world pictures or fun cartoons, these are objects they see, touch, or eat every day. By connecting what they learn in this app and things in his/her real world, your kids will have tons of chances to “memorize”, “practice” and “utilize” these words in both English and Chinese! You would be amazed how quickly and how much your child grasp the bilingual vocabulary. 

Moreover, this app simplifies flashcards and slideshow design. There is no need to worry about noises, addiction to games, and attention problems related to playing games.

Finally, the beautiful pictures, soft voices, second language will stimulate your child’s brain development, which will make them more successful in artistic inspiration, using imagination and creative thinking.

So start download this app, invest little for your child’s great future!

Build Chinese and English Vocabulary.
Recognize everyday objects.
Boost imagination and creativity.
Spell Objects names in English.
Recognize Chinese Characters.

1.No need to worry about kids staring at iPad for too long as the App is an Audio flash card learning utility.
2.Enriched Environment to stimulate children’s brain development.
3.Bright colorful pictures and cartoons specially designed for young children.
4.The most effective, natural ways to become bilingual – build language learning to daily routine!
5.All inclusive flashcards cover hundreds of everyday objects in 6 groups, including animals, fruits, vegetables, vehicles, colors & shapes and people.
6.Soft female pronunciations of English and Chinese.
7.Name of objects in English and Chinese texted on each image. 
8.Easy operations featured for youngest, gently slide on the image to turn pages, click on image to full screen, double click to resize for details.




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