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EuphoCafe由NotionInMotion.com和EuphoCafe.com 联合推出, 收录了由网络知名美食家“爱厨”亲自实践记录的400多款美食。完美支持iOS5和离线查看功能, 使您能随时随地查看, 瞬间把您的iPhone和iPad变成内容丰富、操作简单且成功率100%的美食菜谱。

Cocktail Recipes

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“Free Cocktail Recipes” is the ultimate tool to find and make perfect drinks for any occasion. Don’t be afraid to grab a shaker and get to mixing on your own. Some of the most famous and delicious cocktails require no greater skill than being able to measure in ounces and squeeze the juice out of a lime.